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While the backlash of his civil rights activities and left-wing ideology left him embittered and practically ruined his career, he remains today a durable symbol of racial pride and consciousness.

He would also perform in films, both in musical and dramatic roles. The s was a mixture of performance triumphs and poignant, political upheavals. I don't stand up for one or the other, only for what's right He was an exceptional athlete, actor, singer, cultural scholar, author, and political activist.

The Renaissance Man 1. Blacklisted[ edit ] A book reviewed in early as "the most complete record on college football" [] failed to list Robeson as ever having played on the Rutgers team [] and as ever having been an All-American.

Paul caused a slight stir by co-starring opposite a white actress, Peggy Ashcroftwho played Desdemona. He rose to prominence in a time when segregation was legal in the United States, and Black people were being lynched by racist mobs, especially in the South.

I have made my choice. In the following years he was virtually ostracized for his political views, although in the Supreme Court overturned the affidavit ruling.

PAUL ROBESON, a brief biography

Paul died at age 77 of complications from a stroke. The Politics of Multiculturalism. InPaul Robeson won a four-year academic scholarship to Rutgers University. He was a champion of working people and organized labor.

Rutgers College[ edit ] Fritz Pollard left and Robeson in a photo from the March issue of The Crisis In lateRobeson became the third African-American student ever enrolled at Rutgers, and the only one at the time.

During this time he met and married Eslanda Cardozo Goode in We shall not make war on the Soviet Union. He retired to Philadelphia and lived in self-imposed seclusion until his death in Eighty of his concerts were canceled, and in two interracial outdoor concerts in Peekskill, N.

However, it wasn't until19 years after his death, that Paul Robeson was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. African, Anglo-American, and Lenape.

While the backlash of his civil rights activities and left-wing ideology left him embittered and practically ruined his career, he remains today a durable symbol of racial pride and consciousness. Robeson memorized the words in Chinese. A founder of the Progressive Party, an independent political party, his outdoor concerts sometimes ignited violence and he was now a full-blown target for "Red Menace" agitators.

At Columbia Law SchoolRobeson met and married Eslanda Cordoza Goode, who was to become the first Black woman to head a pathology laboratory. Upon graduating from Rutgers at the head of his class, he rejected a career as a professional athlete and instead entered Columbia University.

When Robeson returned to the United States inhe was misdiagnosed several times and treated for a variety of physical and psychological problems. His passport was revoked inpreventing him from traveling abroad until its restoration in We shall not make war on anyone.

He was a lovely man. Walter Camp considered him the greatest end ever. This one-man show was eventually telecast on PBS. After graduating he went on to Columbia University Law School, and, in the early s, took a job with a New York law firm. She eventually became his personal assistant.

He was captain of the Rutgers debating team. Although Robeson played a scurrilous, corrupt clergyman who takes advantage of his own people, his dynamic personality managed to shine through.

He was captain of the Rutgers debating team. In ill health, Paul Robeson retired from public life in. The Many Faces of Paul Robeson Background How many people do you know who are athletes? How about an athlete who has won 15 varsity letters in four different sports?

11 rows · Paul Robeson (April 9, – January 23, ) was a multi-lingual American actor. Paul Leroy Robeson Jr. (November 2, – April 26, ) was an American author, archivist and historian. Paul Robeson: Paul Robeson, celebrated American singer, actor, and black activist. The son of a former slave turned preacher, Robeson attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., where he was an All-America football player.

Upon graduating from Rutgers at. The Broadway production of "Othello", in which Robeson starred is, to this day, the longest-running non-musical production of a Shakespeare play ever to be staged in the United States, due almost entirely to Robeson's enormous popularity at the time.

Paul Robeson was a 20th-century actor and singer who blended athletics, artistry and humanitarianism into an inspiring legacy.

Paul Robeson

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Paul robeson
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